so yeah fuck illegal immigrants.

2008-09-01 23:46:41 by Jenou

here in DC where I live now, over half the population doesnt even speak english. every fast food joint I go to or every technicial/maintenence person i talk to it always like "What? No english me." or "Hah? Wha choo say? I no unda stand!"

I just wanna fucking kill all of them. And before you say "yeah well what about our ancestors? They were immigrants!" Well you know what? When my grandfather came to america from Greece, he taught himself english, had actual papers proving he was LEGAL, and he worked to save up money to bring his whole family here from Greece. So you know what? All immigrants nowadays suck. end of post.


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2008-09-02 00:09:17 26930
jam that in your pipe and smoke it.

Jenou responds:

fuck that. it proves nothing. Immigrants can lick my balls hardcore for breakfast time.


2008-09-18 17:04:02

... You know, I came here thinking you were another of the "-o"s, like Gendo, Kuro, and Mendou. Then I read the post and I'm saying "WHAT THE FUCK!"

Good point though.


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