So yeah I've had an epiphany.

2008-07-31 05:08:47 by Jenou

its time for me to update my pic.


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2008-07-31 05:38:39

You like to have shit? Dude your not into scat are you?

Sorry. I'm never good at being a dick. Its a curse.

Jenou responds:

you're not good at being a dick, but I am. I hope you get fucked in the eyesocket by a large zucchini while simultaneously receiving anal punishment from a rabid baboon. Die in a fire.

lol jk man.


2008-07-31 07:56:49

who the fuck are you? nvm

Jenou responds:

I'm everything you've ever dreamed of.


2008-08-01 03:25:44

Your sexy where is that cock I was promised?

Jenou responds:

OMG right HERE!!!!!1!!


2008-08-01 03:31:28

Missouri FTW


2008-08-02 10:03:29

You're hot and ugly at the same time, it's strange..


2008-08-05 02:44:09

show a pic of your gonnareah

Jenou responds:

u really wanna see it?