I'm done with Weed.

2008-07-20 03:08:00 by Jenou

After the most horrifying experience of my life, I have quit smoking weed altogether. It was the most terrifying high of my life and it made me deeply contemplate my own existence; like i was living in the matrix or something.

but anyway, yeah. I AM DONE WITH WEED.


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2008-07-20 05:16:25

good for you!


2008-07-20 05:49:57

I understand...

Different experience, different drug... but I do understand.

Just be sure to stay off of it.

Jenou responds:

i think it had like salvia r smthn in it but idk for real.


2008-07-30 10:12:39

Dude , what in the hell happened. >=(


2008-07-30 22:03:58

It had Salvia in it? No wonder man. Salvia can do that to you; don't blame the weed. I had Salvia last week and I understand.


2008-07-31 03:50:42

Tell me about it.


2008-07-31 05:33:07

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